About Us

About Us

A Developer and Commercial Construction General Contractor

Doing Good Work With Good People

Crosslands is a developer and commercial construction general contractor, licensed in multiple states, focusing on commercial construction projects and developing long term relationships with clients in order to earn the right to be awarded repeat business.

Our focus is our clients. This up close and personal approach allows us to serve each and every client and project with a “caretaker” perspective. This “sets us apart” from our competition and provides clients with high quality projects that are on time, on budget and most importantly, focused on long term client relationships.


We’re proud of the work we do as a developer and commercial construction general contractor. With headquarters in Denver, and nearly three decades of experience behind us, our footprint continues to expand.


Need a developer or general contractor for a commercial construction project?
Learn more about Crosslands and our unique approach to projects.


Build quality by executing budgets, schedules and plans to the greatest of expectations, while minimizing risk and earning a fair profit.


Create an environment so remarkable that it causes employees, subcontractors and client to ask,
“Why is Crosslands so different?”

Core Values: CROSS

Crosslands’ relationships with clients, subcontractors, and vendors are built on the foundation of our core values, CROSS. We take these core values very seriously, and we use them to guide our daily and long-term decisions.


Do the right thing, attitude, sense of humor, professional


Genuine, honor, trust, and respect all


Efficient, think ahead, always listening


Honest, humble, how can I help you?

Set apart

Power of Faith, lasting impression, refreshingly positive

Ministry Partners

Crosslands believes in giving back and has partnered with four faith based organizations to help those in need.

From donating funds and gift cards to school supplies, sponsoring golf outings and creating opportunities to partner, Crosslands is pleased to share God’s blessings.

Crosslands Team

Development Team

Andrew Fox

VP - Real Estate Development
P: 303.704.7493
Developed by Crosslands Companies, a commercial retail developer

Jeff Durbon

P: 303.390.9012

Kim Tatsch

Development Manager
P: 720.984.4313

Construction Team

Keith Bonds

VP - Operations
P: 256.710.4467

Kevin Bonds

Project Manager
P: 256.762.5193

Eric Slater

Project Manager
P: 720.351.5483

Jared Howard

Project Manager
P: 303.588.5820

Roger Harris

Project Manager
P: 417.214.5607

Chris Roper

P: 407.968.1882

Jennifer Moskal

Project Engineer
P: 303.222.7699

Gina McMahan

Office Manager
P: 303.390.5090

John Vanderpool

Project Manager
P: 303.870.6892

Jeff Weatherly

P: 720.341.1731

Dennis Adkins

P: 541.207.2471

Jeremy Steward

P: 479.220.9666

Paul Newby

P: 580.678.8552

Jason Greco

P: 505.252.0019

Accounting Team

Ken Oetter

P: 303.667.4101

Michelle Sokol

P: 303.390.9005


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Our Recent Work

Crosslands is proud of the commercial projects we’ve been working on. Check out our gallery of finished projects.

Our Recent Work

Crosslands is proud of the commercial projects we’ve been working on. Check out our gallery of finished projects.

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